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Babysitter/Nanny Referral

Full Time Nanny

30-40 Hours

*Full-Time Nanny Placement*

Finding the perfect addition to families is our greatest pleasure! Let us handle the footwork and let us find who you need. 

Part Time/Weekend Nanny

18-30 hours

From Part-Time to full, our job is to place the best Nanny in your home and family life.

Newborn Specialty

Newborn specialist, primary role of newborn care.


on-call short Term Nanny

Summer Care

BabySitters and on call Nannies are directly contracted through Catching Happiness Concierge LLC.

Placement Fee: Due Upon Hire

Catching Happiness Concierge's placement fee of $3,000 is a flat rate and due at the time of hire for both Full-time, part-time, and Newborn specialist permanent placement nannies and a non-refundable fee of $500.

Why our Flat-rate?

Most Nanny agencies charge a percentage usually of 15-20% of the nanny's annual salaried income at the time of hire. Catching Happiness Concierge, being small, values personalized relationships and trust in our community. Our goal is to always work with our families to assist in finding a nanny that matches the family's need for excellent childcare but also to fit your family's budget. Catching Happiness Concierge wants you and your family to feel confident and secure that we are providing you a truthful placement fee not based on collecting a higher placement fee for our pockets.

Getting Started

To start the process of finding you your nanny, we require a non-refundable fee of $500.

What is included?

  • Consult one on one to start your search

  • Unique nanny search based on your family's needs

  •  full vetting cycle explained with full background checks

  • Help with personal drafted work agreement between you and your nanny

  • One month trial period with nanny

  • Credit towards new nanny search after 1st month trial if needed

Find Your Nanny

Become a Nanny

Romans 5:4



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