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Our Senior Saints

Updated: May 9, 2022

What can I say? I saw a need and jumped to do as it sounded! “Helping you.” I have heard NUMEROUS times to be a help, a blessing, see a need fill a need, and even my favorite from my Pastor, “see a need, take the lead.” All amazing and right to the point., I prayed to all open doors that hit my path. Not an easy task at all.

The main plan is always in the works or some elaborate brainstorming art in any business. It seems chaotic yet filled with harmony. Yeah, that’s me entirely! In my vast customer service experience, an innate observation to not miss an opportunity to talk with someone, and my many years as a professional nanny. I started noticing a huge trend with my mother-in-law’s independence and her inner circle. I would not have seen her real need. First, our AV community is supplied with outstanding services and support for our elderly parents, but unfortunately, the market exceeds the availability. Demand is high! Catching Happiness Concierge is more than providing “rides” but an open door of understanding to give someone more independence, reliable help, and an ear to be heard. Our clients immediately become part of our inner family when we head out on a concierge service. My notable Senior Saints love the availability to call and ask to go to the grocery store, the mall, and even be dropped off at their family’s home to have a visit. I saw how hard it was for my mother-in-law to get around and not feel like a burden; even though she never was, our family respected her independence, and from afar, we diligently helped keep that in place for her. I know we all want to say we can do it all, but even I know a helping hand can truly make a difference in our day. Catching Happiness Concierge LLC. Again, more than a ride; we are 1-on-1, your consultant, helper, counsel, and best concierge for your day.

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