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Graduation 2022

My Students

What a joy! This year was amazing! For five students this year, I provided student pick-ups and support online for school through tutoring. How amazing it was! Sad and super happy to see one of my students graduate from High school! For over a year and a half, I had the privilege of tutoring a fantastic student! Now she is off to new and great adventures! Congratulations and blessings to you, Miss D. So very happy for you! I know no matter where she goes or what she does, her feet will walk with confidence to every new experience. Her excellent character is a testimony to who she is and how she interacts with everyone. What a joy and honor!

Note to Seniors or juniors entering their senior year; I know the ending of High School must seem daunting for many students, and I’m sure the thought of “new” can be overwhelming. The last weeks of study, exams, and graduation preparation are chaotic for all students, but I have calmly asked my students, “How are you today?” The now seems to be their pinpoint focus, with everything else dancing around as shadows in their minds. Exciting, for sure, but each moment now is their frontal thoughts. Which only reminds me, right now, is accurate, not tomorrow, not next week, and for many, not moving from home. It’s just right now. But students don’t hide those small moments of anticipation; someone near you can shoulder all your burdens.

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