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A Nanny

Since 1990, during my high school years, I was starting a path towards some fantastic people and families that I would build a business! Yet, here I am blogging about my start as a professional Nanny and now Owner of a Services Agency! Awesome adventure!

Babysitting was hard, but I learned so much about what parents were looking for in a babysitter that had them calling me back for the next week. I missed many weekends to myself, but I found a young joy in being semi-independent and having some cash. So, what did I do differently than many teenagers didn’t do for babysitting nights? I cleaned up. Simple, really; I cleaned up after the kids and cleaned counters, removed dishes from the sink, and loaded the dishwasher. This was, in addition, to ensure the kids had a great safe night. My mom taught me well! It made me stand out over all teens in my area, and the training gave me a valued work ethic to this day. As a Nanny, I started with experience tending to a child that had reflux during my college start and working at 24-hour fitness, and the door opened to become a live-in Au-Pair: different dynamics but my favorite parts of my life to this day. Once I arrived in Los Angeles, I was honored to be part of a fantastic agency that only ran by word of mouth and placed me as a high-tier Professional Nanny! Experience and reaching personal goals will always be your highest character trait in anything you wish to achieve. I loved ALL the families I had the privilege of working with and becoming part of their families today! I want all my nannies and babysitters to have the same joy I found as a Professional Nanny. I also like the families that come to Catching Happiness Concierge to find their perfect family addition from our nannies.💕

A nanny or babysitter brings our families more than care for our kids and household, but calm insurance that everyone is working at building a closer family for the better of each member in the home.

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